15 Pictures Only Men Will Understand

I know you all know what I’m talking about.

Sorry ladies, but here’s one for all the men out there. If you’re a guy that’s grown up in 21st century then this one is definitely for you, so sit back and relax and get a load of pictures that I know for sure only men will truly understand.

1. This ain’t no graph line.

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2. Dammit Karin not again!

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3. When you’re ready to bite your fist off.

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4. It clears itself automatically, I swear.

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5. All shapes and colours, I don’t discriminate.

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6. A box of tissues is a man’s real friend.

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7. No matter what, men will always be stubborn.

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8. Morning problems.

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9. “I just wanted to know for sure!”

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10. Every man’s problem.

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11. Don’t tempt me now.

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12. You’ve got to pick wisely.

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13. The art of silence.

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14. Yeah, until you get hemorrhoids.

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15. Don’t mind me. Just need to find my keys.

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