15 People Who Wish They Never Added Their Parents On Facebook

It’s never a good idea!

The internet is a wonderful thing. It allows us to connect with friends and family like never before. However, just because you can use Facebook to talk to your parents, doesn’t mean that you actually should. These 15 people learned that lesson the hard way…

1. Mom and Dad teamed up to bring this girl back down to Earth.

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2. Sure it is!

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3. Thanks, Dad.

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4. I love the brother’s reaction at the end.

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5. Sounds like something Taylor could write.

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6. She just wanted to write something philosophical.

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7. Parents copying their kids’ photos is one of the best gifts the internet has ever given us.

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8. The dad pulls off this pose better than his son!

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9. Looking good.

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10. Boom! Double whammy.

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11. Nice one, mom.

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12. He should never have accepted her friend request.

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13. This mum is cold as ice.

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14. Let’s pretend this never happened.

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15. Ouch…

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