15 People Who Just Stopped Caring

Sometimes, it’s easier to just give up

You know how it is. No matter how hard we try, there are just some days where you want to stay in bed and hide under the covers. Sometimes, work and life are just too much hassle. Well, here are some hilarious examples of people who just gave up.

1. This isn’t how salt and pepper shakers are meant to be used.

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2. Time is money.

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3. Okay, I’ll just turn on the sw-… wait…

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4. It started so well and then…

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5. Honestly, what concerns me the most is how much tape they used.

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6. Nature is taking over.

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7. Seriously?

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8. It’s a four-letter word. How did you get it wrong?

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9. It’s not our fault you got fired!

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10. “Yumbo Jams” would be a good band name.

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11. This is a little creepy.

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12. Couldn’t find any paper.

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13. Now that’s a toolkit.

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14. It’s a trap!

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15. Witty heading here.

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