15 People Who Can Never Be Funny

No matter how hard they keep trying.

Everybody knows that one guy who sees himself as some great jester. The self-confidence runs so devastatingly high that he will strive to tell his joke, regardless of how bad it is. And even when the laughs don’t come, they keep on trying to play the clown. Here are some terribly (un)funny examples.

1. Evidently.

Imgur | ImGuiltyOfaRepost

2. Shortcut!

Imgur | aly72514

3. She needed some tough love.

Imgur | peterdesilvey

4. If it had a budget, it wouldn’t be broke right now.

Imgur | CheapScientist

5. She didn’t make Harry’s first letter a capital either.

Imgur | oozabooza

6. Correct!

Imgur | oozabooza

7. Her keyboard is so cool!


8. Was the climb up from hell a pleasant one?

Imgur | HerrWombat

9. Ouch!

Twitter | @scenestreamapp

10. Mom’s got skills.

Imgur | epics52

11. “When your special instructions ask for a drawing”

Reddit | [deleted]

12. He said ketchup only.

Reddit | wecantwin1

13. That was so nice!

Reddit | SofaSoGood

14. This one’s neat!

Reddit | danceswithwool

15. Definitely a dad joke.

Reddit | NZTau

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