15 Hilarious Confessions By Parents Who Have Seen And Heard It All

Kids are adorable and cuddly, but some of the things they say and do will make your jaw drop.

Behind those picture-perfect Instagram photos of family vacations and adorable matching outfits, there is a hidden life of parenting. 

These brave parents share their most embarrassing stories of what it’s like to live with unpredictable and unbelievable little humans.

This parent has a very clever kid on their hands.

Lydia’s on the right path, sort of.

That one time Spanx did not save the day.

What has this kid been watching?


I hate to see what he leaves her when he’s underwhelmed by his birthday present.

At least he is kind to animals?

Think he’s heard this a few times before?

Well, he’s not wrong?

The one time you’d rather they didn’t help clean up.

Not the sort of compliment a woman wants to hear.

He won’t get away with that for very long.

If only that was the way bodies worked!

Joins gym, stat.

It was a sad day for this kid when he grew up to realize the world doesn’t work like that.