15 Guys That are Just Asking for It

They’re lucky we love them!

Husbands and boyfriends can sometimes be helpful… sometimes. They also seem to love to push our buttons. I don’t think they always know when they’ve crossed the line. Some of these guys seem to enjoy living on the edge.

How does your husband like to push your buttons?

1. Simply the best babysitter

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2. Your guy is taking tips from here:

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3. Who taught him how to iron?

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4. No, this is not the diamond I had in mind.

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5. This guy likes to label the baby. Why?

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6. Yes, let’s take unnecessary risks with the lives and safety of our children.

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7. You can’t say he’s not honest.

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8. He’s so subtle.

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9. He likes to stir up trouble.

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10. He’s someone’s master designer.

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11. This one’s the best lunch packer.

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12. He’s so patient.

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13. His jokes are just the funniest…

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14. I always knew he could cut hair!

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15. Aren’t guys great at matching things

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