15 Funny Pics to Enjoy Before You Die or Something

You’re not going to want to go anywhere without seeing these images first!

We’re all going to die sometime. Stop worrying about it. Sit back and enjoy these funny pictures. Life is best spent laughing!

1. Finally, hair that you want in your mouth.

via Pleated_Jeans

2. The only way to make a creepy tradition creepier.

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3. When your professor is actually a bitch

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4. For real

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5. Boy you trippin

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6. Challenge Accepted

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7. Would you really respond any differently?

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8. Her crystal ball must have been a little cloudy

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9. That ass though

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10. “He’s an imposter!”

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11. Looks like he sent his message loud and clear

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12. His life will be short if he doesn’t text me first

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13. It’s called making due with what you’ve got

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14. This guy’s swelling with pride

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15. We all know who this cat voted for.

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