15 Fashion Hacks For The Ladies

Tips and tricks to make you look even more fabulous!

Looking good is every girl’s dream, but it isn’t always easy. These tips and tricks will make things much simpler.

1. Use clips on your jeans to prevent them from slipping out of your boots.

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2. Baby wipes can actually help to get rid of deodorant stains!

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3. Use panty liners to prevent sweat stains in problematic areas.

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4. Use a key ring to keep your fly zipped up at all times.

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5. Need to know the right way to roll your sleeves? Check this out.

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6. We’ve all dealt with shirt collars that just won’t sit still. Use hair straighteners to fix the problem.

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7. Broken bras can leave you walking around with underwire cutting into your skin. Put some moleskin over the hole and fix your bra in an instant!

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8. Add a bit of lemon juice to make white clothes even whiter!

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9. Stick some tea bags in your shoes to cut down on foot odor.

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10. Here’s the best way to wear a strapless bra.

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11. Want to make a new T-shirt feel old and comfy?

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12. Nail polish can make buttons stay in place.

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13. Here’s how to wear jeans and boots.

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14. A bit of glitter can add some glam to your shoes.

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15. Beeswax helps to make your shoes waterproof!

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