15 Amazing Nail Designs Inspired By Tribal Patterns

Simple and classy

While many of us go for simple nail designs and don’t have the patience to get all intricate with dozens of details, some people have a real talent and are able to create incredible-looking manicures. Here are some examples!

1. Maroon.

Just imagine the finesse used to create the details in this one.

Instagram | @sarahjanewearne

2. Soft green.

This color goes so well with glitter.

Instagram | @borsch_nails

3. Aztec blue.

This shade of blue perfectly compliments the gold infused in this intricate pattern.

Instagram | @annatea_13

4. Coral.

This lively color brings the design to life, making it funky.

Instagram | @deboranailart

5. Neon.

If you like neon polish, this pattern and color will speak for you.

Instagram | @ninahchu

6. Red.

The classic color, along with the design, makes simplicity a style statement.

Instagram | @michelle_black_

7. Yellow and orange.

Nail decals are your best friends when trying to get this look, especially when you can’t keep your hand still.

Instagram | @mari_lumme

8. Lime.

This lime green shade of nail color really pops out the beautiful tribal design.

Instagram | @cocosnailss

9. Nude.

A simple shade for a striking look.

Instagram | @nailsbyjent25

10. Black and white.

This color combination can never go wrong.

Instagram | @iloveitbeautystyle Instagram | @coewless

11. Teal.

So tasteful.

Instagram | @annynails_world

12. Rainbow.

If you’re aiming for an ombré look, choose this design for your nails.

Instagram | @sandratj

13. Turquoise.

It’ll take a lot of talent and patience to recreate this design!

Instagram | @nailtrip

14. Mint.

A strange but intriguing color combo.

Instagram | @allnailseverything

15. Pink and orange.

There are a lot of patterns in this one, making it slightly complex, yet super intricate and beautiful.

Instagram | @manicured.mess

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