14-Year-Old with His Own Lawncare Business Makes US$26,000 in Less Than a Month ...

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Daron Taylor isn’t your average ninth grader.

The 14-year-old from Cleveland, Ohio, started his own lawn cutting business with his little brother in summer 2016, to help them both stay out of trouble and earn a little money in the process!

The business, D’s Lawncare, got some unexpected publicity when Taylor was caught on video transporting his lawn cutting equipment on a makeshift rickshaw attached to his bicycle. The video was posted by an Instagram user who wanted to acknowledge the young man’s hard work and determination.

The support and good wishes Taylor received when the video went viral, really inspired him to take his business to the next level and move beyond the modest scope of his initial efforts.

On the back of the viral post, Taylor continued to build on his social media presence and used his own Instagram and a GoFundMe page to drum up more business and raise funds for new equipment, uniforms and marketing. He has now nearly reached his target of US$30,000 which will enable him to hire other young people and establish his small company in the landscaping world.

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This incredible young man has become laser-focused on building his small lawn care service into the biggest landscaping company this country has ever seen.

GoFundMe/ D’s LawnCare

He has already made a pretty remarkable name for himself.

Instagram/ dslawncare

D’s LawnCare got a boost in publicity from a video on Instagram that went viral!

Instagram/ dslawncare

With his father’s support, Taylor set up his company as a limited liability company or LLC.

According to the teenager, this was so his dream wasn’t just a dream and he could start visualizing that he could actually achieve his goal of owning a successful global lawn care service, focussed on family and hard work.

Instagram/ dslawncare

The bicycle that Taylor was using in the video that went viral was already proof of his hard work and determination.

He had used the profits from his company to purchase the bicycle to make it easier to transport his lawn cutting equipment to his various clients.

He had also built himself a wooden bike trailer that he could attach to the bicycle

As the teen explained in one of his own Instagram videos, “I don’t like walking to push the lawn mower and weed whacker so, I saved up enough money to buy this bike right here, and I bought a couple of pieces of wood, and that’s how I made the trailer and the hitch.”

Instagram/ dslawncare

With encouragement from his friend, Deon, Taylor used his own Instagram page, as well as a GoFundMe to raise more capital for his growing business.

Instagram/ dslawncare

He set a $30,000 fundraising goal, and in just 25 days, he’s was just shy of $26,000!

He intends to use the money to buy more lawn mowers, bikes, T-shirts, trailers, advertising spots, safety equipment, and eventually, a truck so that he is able to service the entire greater Cleveland area.

The incredible feedback received on his GoFundPage really took Taylor by surprise. “Every donation I receive [brings] tears to my eyes,” he wrote, “because I didn’t start this company for fame.”

He started it to help his brother and himself, and now he says all he wants to do, is work to achieve greatness.

He can’t wait to leave his mark on the lawn care industry.

Instagram/ dslawncare

He will achieve his dream of owning the “biggest lawn care business in the world” one lawn at a time!

Watch the Instagram video below to hear Taylor talk about his business in his own words.

This determined teen is forging his own amazing path in this world, using his skills to build the business of his dreams.

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