14 Toys and Games from Your Childhood That Could Be Worth Thousands

You’ve probably got a few of these valuable things up in the attic

Retro is all the rage right now. The new generations simply don’t have the same sort of fun stuff we had back in the 90s, and they all want to buy their own Tamagotchis and SNES games. Well, did you know that some of those old toys of yours could actually be worth a fortune? Scroll through our list and see if you have any of these items in your home.

1. The VHS version of this Disney classic can fetch up to $1000!


2. Got any old Lego sets lying around? They could be worth $500.


3. Certain SNES games like Super Copa can be worth over $100.


4. $100 is also the price for this classic Super Soaker Monster X.


5. Some people will pay up to $400 for a single TY Beanie Baby!


6. The rarest Magic: The Gathering cards can be worth $1400.


7. If you own this Nintendo World Championships cart, you could sell it for $10,000!


8. Ah the classic Tamagotchi. Once a global craze, they can now cost $100 each.


9. These cute Polly Pocket sets sell for $500.


10. There are so many different Yu-Gi-Oh cards. The best ones are priced at $1000!


11. Finding a first edition copy of Harry Potter is like winning the jackpot. $4000.


12. The humble Furby can sell for several hundred dollars too.


13. Collectors will pay over $1000 for certain Hot Wheels sets.


14. It’s a strange one to end the list, but this VHS copy of WCW’s Halloween Havoc ’96 event will get you $200.