14 Incredible Facts About Hollywood Star Tom Cruise

Let’s learn more about the Mission: Impossible actor

It’s hard not to love Tom Cruise. He’s one of the most successful, exciting actors of all time, having starred in countless classic films like ‘Top Gun’, ‘Mission: Impossible’ and ‘Jerry Maguire’. But here are some facts you might not know about the Hollywood icon.


1. Back in high school, Tom enjoyed wrestling and originally wanted to pursue the sport as a professional. A knee injury forced him out of the team, so he decided to switch to acting.

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2. It was Tom that helped design the hilarious character of Les Grossman in ‘Tropic Thunder’. Tom wanted the character to be a funky dancer and have a bald head.

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3. Tom does his own stunts. So when you watch the ‘Mission: Impossible’ movies and see him hanging from planes and buildings, you’ll know that it’s actually him!

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4. There are no official Tom Cruise action figures because he refuses to let his image be used for toys or games.

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5. Tom is a hero in movies, and in reality. One time, he saw a woman get hit by a car and drove her to the hospital himself. Then, he covered the $7,000 cost of her medical treatment.

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6. Tom was originally in line for the role of Iron Man, ahead of Robert Downey Jr.

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7. Back in 1998, Tom saw a woman being mugged and ran in to intervene. He chased away the attackers and saved the woman.

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8. Tom is one of the best-paid stars in the world. He has a net worth of $480 million and often makes more in a single year than most other actors will make in their entire careers.

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9. In the movie ‘Jack Reacher’, Tom did all of the crazy driving stunts by himself. He made a mistake at one point and crashed into some barrels, but the director thought it looked cool and decided to leave it in the final cut.

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10. Tom has his pilot’s license. He got it after finishing up filming on ‘Top Gun’.

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11. When filming ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, the director originally planned on having a stuntman for Tom, but the actor refused. By the end of filming, the director was so impressed by Tom’s stunt skills that he said he should always do his own stunts.

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12. At age 14, Tom was thinking about becoming a priest. He went to a seminary but got kicked out after stealing some alcohol.

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13. Tom saw a picture of Colonel von Stauffenberg and thought he looked just like him. That’s what made him want to be in the movie ‘Valkyrie’.

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14. Ray-Ban owes Tom Cruise a big thank you. After wearing some of their shades in ‘Risky Business’, Tom helped to boost Ray-Ban sales of the same model by a whopping 2000%.

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