14 Common Household Items That'll Salvage The Clothes And Shoes You Thought Were Ruined

Scratched leather boots? There’s a hack for that …

While scuffed up or stretched out, your favorite shoes and clothing items aren’t necessarily gone for good. If you’re housing a few “worse for wear” belongings, check out these 14 handy household items guaranteed to reverse the damage. BONUS: it’s an excuse to break out the high heels!

1. Glass cleaner isn’t just for those dirty bay windows.

A few spritzes will return those patent leather pumps, flats, or wedges glossy new in no time!

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2. File away the dust and dirt.

Who would have guessed suede is no match for the common manicuring tool?

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3. Gallon zip locks … aka … odor be gone!

If clothing items have a persistent stench that won’t just stop lingering, seal ’em up! A night in the freezer should do the trick.

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4. Any annoying blood spots?

Equal parts ammonia, table salt, and ice cold water will fade the stain.

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5. Treat a grease stain the same way you would your dishes!

The soap in your kitchen is specifically designed to break down oil and heavy bits. Dab a few dots on before a wash and watch the magic happen!

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6. Easy on the leather, hard on the problem.

Once again, it’s cold water to the rescue! Mix it with a touch of vinegar and spot treat the damaged areas.

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7. Super glue: good for wrapping up those rips.

Any tears or rips your footwear has sustained over time can be patched in a jiffy. We recommend applying the glue from the inside, using a toothpick to hold the material in place until it dries.

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8. Wax away the scratches and worry no more!

Apply a few small amounts of the stuff, waiting it for harden before wiping away with a soft “flannel-like” fabric. Finish up with a top coat of shoe polish to remove any leftover residue. Lacking in wax? Clear nail polish will get the job done just as well.

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9. Need a reliable method to refresh a pair of shoes?

One part ammonia to three parts water (substitute 1 tbsp. vinegar if you like) should return them to brand spanking new condition.

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10. Keep the color with a few extra ingredients.

Add a small amount of salt and vinegar to your regular wash cycle to extend the life of those black and denim bluejeans.

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11. Revamp a leather clutch, cross-body, or handbag with a touch of vinegar.

Soak a (preferably cotton) cloth or Q-tip in the liquid, dabbing at the stain repeatedly until it’s gone. You can thank us later.

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12. If you the softness factor is too far gone, think again.

Return that raggedy sweater to its former glory with a 72-hour soak (yes, three days) in salt water, Half a glass of the kitchen condiment mixed with one liter of water should do it! Of course, finish the process with a final wash in the machine.

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13. Make pilling a thing of the past with a little velcro use.

Carefully strip away the annoying balls of fabric, being as light-handed as possible so not to snag anything else.

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14. Now for those silky-smooth items …

Toss the delicate blouses, tanks, or other items hanging around in the washer with your favorite hair conditioner. Hey, it definitely beats going to the dry cleaner!

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