14 Awkward Marriage Proposals That Will Leave You Worried About Yours

You want to say I do?

Getting married is great and all, but it does seem like a pretty big challenge. Even proposing to someone needs to be a huge deal. Here are some examples of proposals gone badly.

1. The giraffe wants to know everything apparently.

reddit | Elephunky

2. He couldn’t think of a better place and time.

reddit | hirajhons

3. Isn’t that like forcing her?

reddit | crea7or

4. So awkward.

reddit | SpnkyHappy

5. The plan didn’t fall into place, I think…

imgur | atelier19

6. How is this even possible?

reddit | Damndoughnutss

7. That reaction!

reddit | smashes11

8. Way to ruin the photo, grandma.

reddit | MontgomeryDrive

9. Did that really just happen?


10. He thought outside the bun.

reddit | rawrrmonster

11. Is that… Yes… Yes it is.

reddit | sunyan93

12. This is the proposal of my dreams.

reddit | jextersmeo

13. Bad timing, very bad timing.

reddit | McYay

14. What in the world…

imgur | Vaguyna

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