14 Awesome Facts About 'Family Guy' Creator Seth MacFarlane That Make Him A Living Legend

Apparently he has vocal chops fine-tuned by Frank Sinatra’s 90-Year-Old Teachers!

Family Guy. American Dad! Ted. Hell Boy…

Honestly, you better just IMDB his creations cause everything he digs his heels into turns into comic and cinematic Gold.

You might just be familiar with him as the creator of Family Guy or a couple other brilliant shows, but MacFarlene is a master animator, actor, showrunner, musician, and so much more. His credentials know no bounds.

I’m pretty sure succeeding generations will be studying him in textbooks, so here’s a couple of things you ought to know about him that are just so friggin’ awesome!

1. The voice of Peter Griffin was inspired from a college security guard who happened to be quite loud-mouthed.

via Digital Trends / Giphy
via Digital Trends / Giphy

2. He might have been a Disney Cartoonist but that didn’t pan out because of the objections of religious welfare groups.

His short The Life of Larry was then noticed by Hanna-Barbara, they took him on, and created the short film that would eventually lead into Family Guy!

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3. He has vocal chops trained by Frank Sinatra’s teachers!

The 90-year-old couple that trained MacFarlane also trained THE Frank Sinatra himself.

via Radio Times

4. According to Alex Borstein, aka, Lois Griffin, “He doesn’t have email, own a computer, and despises most new music.”

Apparently, Seth is “very retro.”

via Giphy
via Giphy