14 Adorably Cute Crochet Ideas You've Never Thought Of

Just when you thought you’d seen it all.

If you’re a crafty sort of person, take a peek at these one-of-a-kind, ridiculously adorable crochet patterns. Perfect for a nursery, as a homemade gift, or a craft project to keep your hands busy, these owls, kittens, and puppies (oh my!) will leave you saying, ‘awww!’

1. Chubby baby kittens anyone?

The hand-stitched paws … adorable.

via Ravelry / Sarah Sloyer

2. A new take on the overdone Easter egg.

So cute!

via Instagram / dsgnjenn

3. Colorful raindrops.

A beautiful decoration.

via Etsy / OneandTwoOriginals

4. Actually, yes. I do need a tissue koozie.

How perfect! You can grab a kleenex from the whale’s blowhole.

via Pops de Milk

5. Some sweets for your sweeties (or the boss’ daughter).

20 Yummy Crochet Projects For Your Home might be the tastiest craft book ever written.

via Notey Amazon / Twinkie Chan

6.  A Halloween costume … or everyday outfit.

So cozy!

via Etsy / ChiKDesigns Chi Krneta

7. Shark slippers? Yup.

We’re going to need an adult option as well please.

via Facebook / Recipes From Heaven Etsy / stacie71

8. Socks AND shoes.

Well, kind of. Either way, we’ll take ’em.

via Etsy / OnePaisleyPig

9. For all the proud dachshund owners out there!

We’re guessing these minuscule creations required some serious handiwork.

via Etsy / SuAmi

10. Get jelly, it’s all right.

These sea creatures are absolutely perfect for a nursery.

via One Dog Woof

11. Add some octopus pillows to the mix.

Keep the underwater theme going! These loungers would be a great addition to a playroom.

via The Left-Handed Crocheter

12. What a hoot!

Everyone loves owls!

via Ravelry / Josephine Wu

13. Handwoven flower power.

Friends and family members will love to receive one of these blankets. Plus, the color options are endless!

via Mamachee Crochet Patterns The WHOot

14. A teddy bear keychain …

… is just what that backpack or set of car keys was missing.

via YouTube / Flying Mio

Will you be making any of these awesome creations?


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