13 Year Old Surprises 5 Year Old Sister With Disney Photoshoot

Class move bro.

The best bond in the world is probably among siblings. Thirteen year old Anthony is a victim of depression and it obviously can’t be easy for him to cope with it. His sister, Belle, or Anabel, is five years old. Her mother calls her an excitable ball of energy, who has the ability to make friends wherever she goes. The two have a very strong bond with one another and Belle helps Anthony cope with his condition when he’s in a dark spot.

2 out of 7 children, Belle and Anthony have a bond that is the strongest. They watch movies, go skateboarding and Anthony tucks his little sister in at night. Anthony even sprinkles ‘magic salt’ before she goes to sleep to fend off monsters.

Anthony got the idea of a photoshoot from his mother. His mom was apparently perusing the internet in search for a Disney gown, for herself no less, when Anthony saw a Prince Charming costume. From that moment, it was Anthony who requested permission to buy one of the prince costumes. His mother, who is a fan of Disney herself, was all for the idea, and they went about putting the Prince Charming costume together. The attire included everything, right down to the gloves and the old-fashioned shoes. The next item on the agenda was choosing a Snow White dress that would match the red and blue Prince Charming outfit he had picked out.

Suffice it to say, Belle was ecstatic when her best friend came into her room dressed as Prince Charming with a gown for her. The mom notified her young princess that they would be taking pictures for her birthday and she soon got dressed and they went to a garden.

The photoshoot was the cutest affair. Anthony carried Belle in between photos so she wouldn’t trip on her gown. She would laugh and hug her brother profusely and her happiness was all too evident in the pictures.

It is a true testament to how thankful Anthony is to Belle for all the times she has supported him, and what a gift it was that he gave her.

This is Anthony and Belle, or Prince Charming and Snow White at their photoshoot.

It was all Anthony’s idea.

The Snow White costume was a perfect complement to the blue and red Prince Charming one.

Belle was ecstatic at the prospect of dressing up like Disney characters and going for a photoshoot.

The mother says that the photoshoot was the most heartwarming thing she had ever experienced and that she had to take a moment to stifle her tears of joy and pride.

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