13-Year-Old Millie Bobby Brown Criticized In A Creepy Comment About Her ‘Shapeless’ Dress

What a strange thing to say.

Celebrities have crowds of adoring fans… and they have a fair amount of critics and haters as well. Especially when it comes to females and how they dress.

The fashion and film industry can get a little crazy – very crazy – at times. The lists of worst and best dressed lists have honestly gotten a little out of hand. Obviously wearing only a bow tie and underwear is bound get some hate, and the fashion can get pretty outrageous, but some limits must never be crossed. Unfortunately, they were.

13 year old Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things ended up on Business Insider’s worst dressed list. And that’s not even the worst part!

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Business Insider described Millie Bobby Brown as looking, “comfy but lost in a shapeless white dress with cowboy boots.”

For those who still don’t get what’s wrong with this, let me break it down for you.

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First of all, she’s thirteen. Obviously, she will prioritize her comfort. And could you be less mean to a 13 year old? Or is that too hard for you guys?

Secondly, how does she look ‘lost’? She looked pretty alert and excited for her red carpet moment. But certainly not lost. Not even sure what they mean by that. Their writer probably just threw a bunch of words together.

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Let’s get to the creepy part now. She’s thirteen. Not some voluptuous 40 year old women. You really should not be concerned with a 13 year old’s shape. Or, for that matter, you should not be concerned with any woman or man’s shape. Just stop being creepy already; it’s 2017.

Just how hard were they looking at a 13-year-old’s “shape”?

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Yeah, Twitter users were pretty quick to point out how creepy that comes off.

Plus, Brown was kind of stuck in a no-win situation here.

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If Brown had gone with a more revealing style, like the kind they liked seeing on Hailee Steinfeld, then there’d be some serious muttering about how she dressed too grown-up.

“Tsk tsk,” they’d say, “what a world we live in today.”

But apparently, it’s OK when they want to see more.

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