13 Things That Suggest Your Partner Is Cheating On You

These hints are so accurate…

Check out this list to see if your partner could be cheating on you. The signs might not be as obvious (or as subtle) as you might expect!

1. They want to know when you’ll be getting home.

All of a sudden, your activities and timings matter to them. Think about it, managing time is the core of cheating, so they obviously want to know how long it will take you to come back and where you’ll go.

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2. Changing their sleeping routine.

Cheaters tend to wake up later than usual, usually for some ‘work’ they have to do or some ‘morning exercise’. It doesn’t matter what they do, because they just want some alone time without your prying eyes over their phone or computer. Sleeping on the couch can become a habit too.

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3. New scents.

Do they smell different? If they’ve used the same old perfume or cologne for ages, then why change it now? Probably the new person got them liking a new scent.

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4. They’ll stay clear of movies or shows that display cheating.

Try to watch Fatal Attraction with them and see how they react. Do they say no or are they uncomfortable the whole time watching it? That should give you a hint.


5. They vanish without reason.

This is a giveaway, but some cheaters lie about where they’re going and who they are with. Instead, they offer other stories. Have a drink by themselves? You won’t be able to know the facts from their story.


6. Change of normal rituals.

A lot of people stick to old habits, so if there’s a new pattern then you should observe. It could be an attempt to adjust for someone new in their life. 

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7. Looking after themselves more.

Do you see a new hairstyle? New clothes? Are they spending too much time in front of the mirror trying to look good? It’s all a sign of trying to appear better for someone new.

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8. New words and phrases.

Do they speak phrases and words that you’ve never heard before? Or have opinions that weren’t there before? It’s a sign of spending too much time with someone new and adopting their ways slowly.

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9. They feel guilty and it gets to them.

Notice behavioral changes. Guilt can give off many signs and reactions. It can be depression, insomnia, or anything of the sort.

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10. They’re a social butterfly suddenly.

Can’t find time to be alone with them? Do they have plans they can’t change with someone else? Do they change plans at the last moment? That just shows they’re swamped with someone else in their life that you can’t meet.

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11. High sex drive.

Sex drives get going when there’s a new lover in town. It’s a good excuse for all those condoms and birth control pills they’ve been buying.

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12. The blank expression.

Do you ever feel like you’re talking to them and they’re staring at a blank space ahead? Or take some time before answering your question? That’s because they look for time to think of an excuse. They always think before answering, so they don’t get caught or say something that will give them away.

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13. What you feel. 

A gut instinct can be very right, especially if you’ve known your partner a long time. Trust your gut feelings, because they can help fix your relationship or find out the truth.

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