13 Random NCIS Facts You Probably Didn't Notice While Binge Watching It

NCIS is one of the best crime shows to ever hit TV!

Regardless of how many episodes you watch, NCIS is one of those addictive crime shows people can’t get enough of…

People watching all over the world have missed so many hidden aspects of the show that they probably still don’t know. Whether it’s something to do with an actor’s real life or maybe a little Easter egg in one of the scenes, there are tons of different parts to a drama series that fans don’t really realize.

And that’s the exact reason TV shows are so amazing to follow!

Below are some of the truths about NCIS you probably missed while viewing the show. Did you know any of these? Let us know in the COMMENTS one Facebook!

1. Their “Most Wanted” board is actually updated regularly.

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Fans of the show who have a good eye, you’ll notice that there’s a crossed-out picture of Osama Bin Laden that can be found on the “Most Wanted” board after he died.

2. Actual NCIS agents appear on the show.

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In season three’s episode “Frame Up”, Special Agent David Brant has a cameo appearance. Thomas Betro, former director of NCIS, makes an appearance in season five’s episode, “Identity Crisis”.

3. The team would probably have thousands of speeding fines by now.

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You’ll always find them driving to crime scenes in areas such as Virginia Beach and Norfolk, which are both four hour drives from where the team is actually based, Washington D.C. Yet they always somehow make it in nearly half that amount of time.

4. There are two different badge types for agents.

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You’ll find that different agents wear different coloured badges. The silver badges are for agents that are working part-time, while the gold is for agents working full-time.

5. The co-creator of the show cast actors from within his family.

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The co-creator, Donald P. Bellisario, cast actor Sean Murray, who is his stepson, for the role of Timothy Mcgee. Meanwhile, Troian Bellisario, who is Sean’s stepsister in real life, was also cast as Timothy’s sister.

6. Abby has a back tattoo that suddenly disappears.

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While many of Abby’s tattoos are actually real, there’s a very big cross on her back that makes an appearance in one episode, where she gets changed with McGee in the room. However, the tattoo is never shown again, even though Abby is known for wearing quite skimpy outfits.

7. Mark brings his personal tools from home for some episodes.

YouTube / NCIS

Mark, in reality, is known to be a really good handyman, so much so that when a scene required his character to work on a boat, he brought his own tools from home.

8. Abby’s middle name is rather interesting.

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In the episode “The Lost Boys” of season 12, Abby fills out a form, and if you look really closely, you’ll find that she writes her real name: Abigail Beethoven Sciuto.

9. This isn’t the first time Robert Wagner and Michael have been used together.

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It’s not obvious when you see them together on camera, but the two have actually worked together before. Their resemblance didn’t go unnoticed by producers in 2004, when Michael was cast to play the role of Robert in the show The Mystery of Natalie Wood.

10. Mark’s real life son plays his character in the flashback scenes.

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It wasn’t luck that the actor cast to play Mark in the flashbacks looked just like him. Sean Harmon was on the show from 2008 until 2012, appearing in six episodes.

11. The OSU gear on Ellie’s desk is real.

YouTube / NCIS

She attended Oklahoma State University before appearing on the show for season 11. All the mementos you see on her desk are actually from when she attended the school.

12. Michael and Jessica Alba were engaged for two years.

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So, in one of the episodes in season three, he tells a joke that he’s probably “got a better chance of hooking up with Jessica Alba than these guys do of infiltrating SeaLift.” That joke had a bit of history behind it.

13. The t-shirts that Gibbs wears when he’s off duty are real.

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When he’s not on the job in the show, you’ll see Gibbs wearing different t-shirts that were actually given to him by different law enforcement agencies from around the U.S., or the “NIS” sweatshirt.

Before being known as NCIS, the division itself was originally recognized as “Naval Investigative Service.”

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