13 Pictures That Prove Mother Nature Has A Sense Of Humor

From scary clouds to flowers that smell like death, sometimes nature just likes to mess with us.

We all know Mother Nature is a force to be both feared and respected. But sometimes, it seems like she’s also a cheeky prankster.

These amazing pictures demonstrate that sometimes nature has a sense of humor all on its own. Here are 13 examples to both confuse and intrigue you.

1. Purple Cactus

Nope, not the usual and familiar green, but purple. This type of cactus is most prominent in Southwest America, where locals call it the purple prickly pear.

eddit / AbortionGhost

2. Corpse Flower

This plant takes years to bloom and lasts only days. However, its not exactly worth the wait. When it does flower, its said to give off an odor similar to a rotting body. Lovely.

USA Today | Randy Pench / AP | The Sacramento Bee

3. Frost Flowers

These are not the type of flowers you attempt to pick. Frost flowers are created when the air temperature drops below 0. They are also mini ecosystems as they house microscopic organisms.

Colossal | Matthias Wietz / The Daily What

4. Christmas Island Crabs

There are roughly 40-50 million crabs on Christmas Island, located off the west coast of Australia. A sight even more unbelievable than millions of crabs, is millions of crabs on their annual migration. Head down under between October and November and watch in amazement as they leave the forest to release their eggs into the ocean.

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