13 Interesting Facts About Everyone's Favorite Disney Character: Mickey Mouse

Let’s learn more about the loveable mouse

Mickey Mouse is more than just a cartoon character, he’s an icon. Created by Walt Disney himself back in 1928, Mickey has gone on to become one of the most recognizable characters in the world. But did you know some of these fascinating facts about the world’s most famous mouse?

1. Mickey’s actual name is Michael Theodore Mouse.

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2. He’s the only cartoon character to have his own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was awarded to him back in 1978.

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3. In reality, Walt Disney was scared of mice.

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4. Estimates suggest that Mickey weighs in at 23 pounds and measures approximate 2’3″.

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5. Mickey has two nephews named Morty and Ferdy.

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6. Walt Disney originally planned to call the character Mortimer, but his wife suggested he change it.  He was originally going to be named Mortimer, a name that was later given to his rival.

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7. Why does Mickey only have four fingers? Well, Walt believed that five would be too many, and it also helped the company to save some cash.

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8. Walt Disney himself actually provided the voice of Mickey from 1928-1946, before being replaced by other performers.

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9. Mickey’s first spoken words were “Hot dog!” We didn’t hear him speak until his 9th movie appearance, as the first 8 were all silent films.

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10. Walt took inspiration for Mickey from a real-life mouse that used to live in his office.

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We love you Mickey!


11. Mickey appeared during the Macy’s Santa Claus Parade of 1934. His balloon was a whopping 40 feet high.

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12. We never saw the wedding, but Mickey and Minnie are officially married, according to Walt himself.

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13. Walt wrote his first Mickey script while flying on a plane.

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