13 Huge Cats Acting Like Tiny Cats

So cute!

Cats are great. In fact, felines in general are great. Lions, cougars, jaguars, tigers, they’re all awesome! And they all love doing the same things. Need some proof? Here are some super cute photos of big cats acting like little ones.

1. Just like my pet cat.

via reddit / SpelingTroll

2. Can I get a little help?

via tumblr / bigcatsactinglikehousecats

3. Someone wants a belly scratch.

via tumblr / frezned

4. What is it with cats and lasers?


5. This would be so adorable if it wasn’t for the enormous fangs.

via reddit / feedmegrapes

6. Chillin’ in a wheelbarrow. No big deal.

via reddit / BurkoRoger

7. I want him.

via reddit / [deleted]

8. Cats and toilet paper. A lifelong love affair.

9. Total relaxation.

via Pink / Thinkstock

10. Big cat hugs.

via Maniac World

11. 100% adorable.

via Jean-Christophe Verhaegen / Getty Images

12. Tigers aren’t so scary, after all.

via reddit / amosbrealy_

13. This cougar can talk!