13 Crazy Things People Actually Believed As Kids

Kids believe the darndest things

The innocence of children is quite something. Kids are so quick to believe things grownups tell them, only to laugh at themselves when they look back as adults. Fortunately, plenty of people are now able to share these stories online, and we’ve gathered together some of the best.

1. When drinking coffee while driving was against the law.

Flickr / Eric Geers

“I thought ‘drinking and driving’ meant any drink. I thought my dad was breaking the law by drinking coffee.” — N0V0w3ls

2. When babies were made from kisses.

Flickr / Sami Nurmi

“I thought girls were automatically born with babies in them, and kissing activated the baby’s growth.” — DislikesMintGum

3. When lightning bolts were actual weapons.

Flickr / Fernando Kokubun

“Lightning bolts were actually bolts that if you found one, could cut through anything. Us kids would try to search for one after it stopped raining.” — blore40

4. When moms could read minds.

Flickr / Francesco Persano Adorno

“My mom told me she knew when I did something wrong. I interpreted this to mean she could read minds. Therefore, all women could read minds. I then spent my time staring at my crushes thinking ‘I like you’ over and over, trying to get them to notice me. Thanks for making me the weird kid, mom.” — Thelostredditor

5. When boys were dogs and cats were girls.

Flickr / tiffany terry

“For some reason, I thought all cats were girls, and all dogs were boys.” — LillyYoyoINeedGogert

6. When the world was once black and white.

Flickr / 70023venus2009

“As a kid, I thought the world used to be just black and white before the invention of color TVs.” — Reddit User

7. When the moon followed you around.

Flickr / Susanne Nilsson

“Τhat the moon followed our family cаr whenever and whereever we went.” — Tpreywu

8. When fax machines actually transported paper.

Flickr / Cary Lee

“I thought fax machines rolled up the paper really small and sent it shooting down the pipe (telephone cable) to the other fax machine.” — electrolytic

9. When teachers had no names.

Flickr / JD Lasica

“That teachers didn’t have first names.” — TinySassQueen

10. When raw chocolate was poisonous.

Flickr / Olga Filonenko

“My mother told me cooking chocolate was poisonous until cooked. Stopped me from eating her stash of dark chocolate, though.” — Reddit User

11. When there were monsters under the bed.

Flickr / Jessica Quinn

“Gnomes lived under my bed, and if I let my arm dangle off the bed while I was sleeping, they’d kidnap me and make me their queen. You know, in accordance with gnome monarchical tradition.” — lunalives

12. When moms threw up babies.

Flickr / Sandor Weisz

“I thought women gave birth by throwing up the baby. Mom didn’t deny it either. — Shaynnn

13. When food knew how to party.

Flickr / Kimberley Vardeman

“That all the food I ate went into my stomach so they could go hang out and have fun.” — thatvillainromeo

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