13 Awesome Facts About One Of Our Favorite Action Heroes, Bruce Willis

The ‘Die Hard’ star has made his mark on Hollywood

Ask someone to name their favorite movie star, and there’s a pretty good chance they’ll say Bruce Willis. In films like ‘Die Hard’, ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘Pulp Fiction’ and ‘Armageddon’, Willis has continuously proven his skills as one of the best badasses in Hollywood. Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know about him!


1. Willis was born in Germany to an American father and a German mother. The family moved to New Jersey when Bruce was 2.

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2. His real name is Walter Bruce Willison. It’s not quite as catchy!

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3. He’s a really talented bowler, having once achieved a near-perfect score of 283.

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4. Before getting into acting, Bruce worked as a security guard and a private investigator!

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5.  His character in ‘The Sixth Sense’ was written specifically with him in mind.

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6. He’s a great singer. His 1987 album, ‘The Return of Bruno’ made it to #14 on the Billboard 200.

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7. Alongside Arnold Schwarzenegger, Demi Moore and Sly Stallone, Willis was one of the co-founders of Planet Hollywood.

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8. He used to suffer from a stutter and said that acting helped him to overcome this speech impediment.

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9. The PlayStation video game, ‘Apocalypse’, was made with Bruce in the starring role. Sadly, it wasn’t a hit.

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Check out this CG version of Bruce used in the game!


10. Back in 2002, he became a national spokesman for Children in Foster Care.

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11. He was part of the wrestling club in high school and was very good at it. He still bears a scar on his shoulder, sustained from a wrestling injury.

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12. When he got married to Demi Moore, Little Richard officiated the ceremony.

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13. His total net worth is estimated at $180 million!

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