13 Asian Tips And Tricks For Everyday Life

These Asian life hacks really will make life easier for you!

You might not even realize it, but you probably use a couple of tricks that were originally created in Asia. Putting your phone in a sack of rice if it got wet, or maybe refreshing your shoes using tea bags are examples of some…

Well, why not keep using tricks from Asia? There are so many simple, yet effective tricks that you can use for your everyday life. Below are the best 13 hacks from the amazing continent!

1. Use tea leaves to get rid of nasty smells in the fridge.

© Polaris/East News

We all experience this problem: you leave something in the fridge for too long or store dishes in the dishwasher, they leave a lingering smell. Asian bloggers say that the best thing to do is use old tea leaves that you’ve used before. Dehydrate them and pop them in your fridge and you’ll find that they absorb any nasty smell that was there.

2. Get wrinkle-less clothes with bathroom steam.


If you’re in a rush in the morning and don’t have time to sit and iron all your clothes, this trick is perfect for you! Hanging your wrinkled clothes up in the bathroom while you take a shower, all the steam from the shower will get those wrinkles out.

3. Prevent your apple slices from going brown with salt and lemon juice.

© recipegirl.com

If you love baking apple pies or making fruit salads, you probably hate when your apple slices go brown. Well, the best trick is to squeeze lemons and sprinkle some salt on your slices. This’ll keep your slices fresh and stop them going brown.

4. You don’t have to trouble yourself with washing your hands if you eat chips using chopsticks.

© Vy Quaint / youtube.com

You can eat nearly everything with chopsticks, so why not chips? You won’t dirty your hands that way.

5. Making mini trash baskets out of paper.

© Asian Beauty Secrets / youtube.com

A nice way to recycle your paper is to use them into little wastebaskets. There are loads of video tutorials on YouTube to teach you.

6. Wash your windows with newspapers.

© apartmenttherapy.com

Forget buying cleaning wipes for your windows, save money by just using old newspapers instead! Newspapers are perfect because they don’t leave scrapes on glass.

7. Want to know whether those jeans will fit you without trying them on? Here’s a cool trick.

© jeab.com

In many Asian countries, some stores don’t have fitting rooms. So, how are you going to know whether those jeans that you just found will fit you perfectly or not? Yes, you could just look at their size, but many companies have different sizing, so you can never be sure. Well, here’s a cool trick! Just wrap the jeans’ waistband around your neck, if the ends of the waistband meet, then the pair of jeans will fit you. This is because it is believed that your neck girth equals half of your waist girth, with the wrist being half your neck’s girth.

8. Use rice instead of paper glue.

© wikihow.com

Boiling sticky rice is the perfect replacement for paper glue, it’s heavily used in Japan for paper crafts.

9. Make your own air conditioner at home.

© theacsuit.com

All you need is a fan and a bunch of ice cold water bottles, and you’ve got yourself your very own air conditioner.

10. Cure your sickness using eucalyptus oil.


It’s no wonder this oil is so common in the East- it can cure colds, headaches, heartburn, muscle pain, toothaches, and many more.

11. Get rid of surplus moisture from your seasonings with rice grains.

© yelp.com

If your seasonings are getting damp and stuck in the shaker, add rice grains to them and they’ll absorb all that extra moisture.

12. Help ease neck and back pain with rice compresses.

© lilblueboo.com

Rice compresses are common among families in the East to help ease pains in your back and neck. They’re really easy to make too; all you have to do is fill up a sock with rice, tie it closed, heat it up in the microwave for around 40 seconds.

13. Heal light burns with soy sauce.

© Asian Beauty Secrets / youtube.com

Using soy sauce actually helps ease pain and prevent your light burns from turning red.

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