12 Weirdly Cool Buildings You Won't Believe Actually Exist

I would move into #9 in a heartbeat!

While everyone has their own unique style when it comes to architecture and design, there are a few magnificent buildings out there that we all agree are completely amazing. From unique homes to impressive skyscrapers and monumental museums, these are the twelve that simply wowed us. Let’s see if you agree.

1. This is the steepest snow cabin of all time!

via reddit / iCeeYouCee

2. That is one precious little berry.

183aca86-aed6-420a-b063-30040762e344 (1)
via Flickr / Andrea Stolzenberger

3. Where are we going to find sheet music that size?

via reddit / ariiiiigold

4. Do you think Dwayne Johnson is interested?

via reddit / Guts-Blow

5. That is one luscious little landmark.

via reddit / mike_pants

6. The little teacup’s all grown up!

via Flickr / kathrine

7. This cavernous creation looks like it came back from the future.

via reddit / mirpypants

8. Quite an impressive three-story treehouse.

5302b2f1-0ddf-4b32-a6ca-4380563ad6a2 (1)
via reddit / trixy_mia

9. The definition of living life on the edge. Nice.

via reddit / trippinbawlls

10. I wonder what the owner’s favorite animal is?

via reddit / Guts-Blow

11. The greatest tree house ever. End of discussion.

via reddit / TypicalLegend

12. People might get slightly turned around when visiting this one!

via Curious Places

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