12 Unwritten Rules Of The Fitting Room

The next time you’re trying on clothes, be sure to follow these rules

Fitting rooms have their own code of etiquette, and it’s important to follow the rules if you don’t want to find yourself in an embarrassing situation.

1. Don’t make a mess.

1. Leave The Room A Mess

2. Treat the clothes with care.

2. Toss The Clothes In A Heap

3. Don’t waste time taking selfies and hogging the rooms.

3. Try To Get The Perfect Selfie

4. Maintain good personal hygiene. Don’t try on clothes if you’re all sweaty after a workout.

4. Spread Your Workout Sweat

5. Don’t go into the fitting rooms just before the store closes.

5. Waltz In Five Minutes Before Closing

6. Don’t walk around in your underwear.

6. Stroll Around In Your Undergarments

7. Remember to use hand sanitizer; fitting rooms can be pretty dirty places.

7. Skip The Hand Sanitizer

8. If you’re trying on a bathing suit, put it on over your underwear.

8. Try On A Bathing Suit Without Underwear

9. Remember to count the number of items you take into the room.

9. Come In Without Counting

10. Avoid getting makeup on the clothes. If you do have an accident, tell one of the store employees instead of trying to hide it.

10. Pretend You Didn't Get Makeup On The Garment

11. Don’t take your partner into the fitting room with you.

11. Bring Your Partner In With You

12. Don’t treat the fitting room as a place to fix your makeup or hair.

12. Use It For Personal Primping