12 Things You Probably Missed While Watching ‘The Wizard Of Oz’

Do you know any of these?

Even good films contains errors, but we only catch them after watching them repeatedly.

We’ve taken a look at The Wizard of Oz and have found things that will surprise you a lot.

Did you see any of these faults or incidents while watching the famous and classic movie?

1. Dorothy’s hair length is down to her chest when the movie starts, but is only to her collar bone by the end of the movie.

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2. While Dorothy and the Scarecrow doze off in a poppy field, it starts snowing. The snow was created from chrysotile asbestos, which is known to be dangerous for health; it was used to give better effects in the film.


3. Judy Garland had to follow the role of a 12-year-old, as set by the studio, and had to wear a tight corset under her clothes for the effect. The book never set an age, yet Judy found it hard to breathe while filming.

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4. The costume of the Cowardly Lion was created from real lion skin, which would be unacceptable to many nowadays. Bert Lahr found it difficult to wear such a hot costume for 16 hours everyday. The costume weighed about 100 pounds!


5. Bert Lahr even had to put up with a brown paper bag on his head, which was a part of his makeup and costume.


6. Toto, the dog, was injured after being stepped on and was replaced for two weeks while her injuries healed.

Terry is her real name!


7. Terry was paid $125 per week. She was frightened by the steam from Tin Man’s cap, and ran away.


8. Observe the scene when Dorothy and the Scarecrow are attacked by the apple trees and you’ll find Judy wearing black shoes instead of ruby ones.

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9. Tin Man’s tears were made from chocolate syrup.

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10. While filming the scene where Dorothy asks the Wizard about his identity, Toto got a curtain string tangled around the neck. Judy subtly untangled it, while continuing the filming.


11. Dorothy had to wear a pale pink blouse with her dress because it looked white in Technicolor. It was sold for $1.56 million in 2015 at an auction.


12. The scene where Dorothy slaps the Cowardly Lion was so funny for Judy that she couldn’t control her laughter. The director, Victor Fleming, actually slapped her to calm her down.


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