12 Stylish Work-Appropriate Nail Designs That'll Totally Fit In At The Office

Not too over the top, not too underwhelming … just right.

The phrase “appropriate work attire” leaves quite a bit of room for interpretation. Those lucky individuals working the 9-5 grind know entirely too well what we mean. Thankfully, these 12 super stylish and professional nail designs will guarantee your mani isn’t a mishap. After all, you don’t want the cubicles talking. 

1. A subtle nude and glittery tip.

Sick of the French manicure? Meet the trendier work-appropriate version … with a lot more glitter.

Instagram | @bymissalex

2. Mesmerized by the thought of a mauve mani?

Us too. Try a stiletto shape to really tell ’em who’s boss!

Instagram | @thisgirlcalled_lauren

3. Out with the detailed tips and in with a dotted “half moon.”

The white “crescent” marks on your nail just above the cuticle? They need a little love sometimes!

Instagram | @violetta_ter

4. A rose dusted nude nail to die for.

100% gorgeous whether you’re at the office or “sick with the flu” on a Friday in the Hamptons.

Instagram | @maria_drivalou

5. The reverse French ombre of your dreams.

If you love the simplicity of the tradition, paint this on for size!

Instagram | @beautifulyounails

6. Geometric with glitter and gold, oh my!

The color combination here is utterly perfect.


7. Matte, matte everywhere.

You really, truly, can’t go wrong with a nice nude. Any further questions?

Instagram | @nailsbyapril_

8. Just a bit of bling.

We had to sneak it somewhere! And really, where’s better than a muted mint mani?

Instagram | @houstonbeautybar

9. Pastel pink in all its glory.

A gorgeous pop of color that won’t get lost in your sea of grays, blacks, and blues.

Instagram | @fernemccann

10. Wrap ’em up with a metallic ribbon.

Just the right amount of detail. And can we mention the mauve base that’s totally slayin’?

Instagram | @photosbyamelinda

11. Marbled in white and totally nice.

A neutral, jewel tone, or metallic color scheme would definitely kick it up a notch.

Instagram | @rudzik88

12. A ring-fingered accent with a touch of sparkle.

Can’t live without a little glitter? Us neither.

Instagram | @cosmolife7707

Which nail design has you running for the salon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to SHARE these gorgeous manis with your friends and family on Facebook!