12 Slightly Strange Animals Who Love Licking Windows

Why do they do this? Nobody knows.

Animals are weird. They’re cute and fun and cuddly, but they’re also weird. They do some strange things that we simply can’t possibly explain. Just look at these furry friends who spend their spare time licking windows.

1. There’s something slightly disturbing about the look in his eyes.

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2. How does it taste?

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3. Super cute squirrel time!

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4. So graceful. So elegant.

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5. Well, that’s one way of drinking.

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6. Oh what a tiny tongue!

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7. Scary teeth!

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8. He’s really enjoying this.

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9. Let me in!

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10. He’s just doing it for attention.

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11. We can’t blame this guy for licking the window. That cake looks delicious!

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12. And let’s finish up the list with a cool giraffe.

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