12 Pieces Of Confectionery To Sweeten Up Your Event

Some you may know, others may be a surprise.

Get ready to enjoy these imaginative cakes that are sure to brighten up any social event you host or attend.

1. Choose this pastel cake to add some color to your big day. Don’t hesitate to modify the rainbow shades so the cake resembles the theme for your wedding.

Pinterest | Colin Cowie Weddings

2. Sister’s social mixer or a garden party of your own? Careful, don’t mistake these cakes for real succulents!

Instagram | @ivenoven

3. Enjoy Easter with this brilliant cake that seems to be made by the Easter Bunny himself.

Instagram | @thecakeblog

4. Easter games can be competitive, but this delicious cake will make everyone feel like a victor.

Pinterest | Glorious Treats

5. Show your mother how much you love her by making this genius piece of confectionery.

this heArt of mine | amy christie

6. Friend’s baby shower, or a child’s birthday, age does not matter, everyone will love this.

Instagram | @majolicacakes

7. Welcome spring with your loved ones with this beautiful bouquet cake.

Instagram | @ivenoven

8. Don’t think we forgot Earth Day, pop out these veggie themed cupcakes and enjoy.

Instagram | @thecakeblog

9. Serenade you favourite couple by making this cake; it’ll make their engagement party an event to remember.

Instagram | @majolicacakes

10. Starting from your favourite team’s first match, to your child’s Little League season, these baseball-themed cupcakes will have you swinging for the fences.

Instagram | @majolicacakes

11. Spontaneous get-together or annual gathering, no one will be able to resist stuffing these cupcakes in their mouths.

Instagram | @sweetpetalcake

12. As the cherry blossoms blossom, so will this cake at your local festival. It is a great item to have at such celebrations.

Instagram | @ivenoven

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