12 Old-Fashioned Baby Names That Need To Make A Comeback

Some of these names were really popular in the 19th century

It’s always interesting to look at trends in baby names. Over the years, certain names become popular and others fall by the wayside. Various factors can influence the popularity of a name, and cultural changes definitely help to shape our naming customs. In this article, we’ll look back to the Victorian era and discover some of the popular names from that time. If you’re having a baby soon, maybe you’d like to choose a name from this list!

1. Eberhard

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This name is associated with ideas of strength and force. It is also linked to the boar.

2. Ebba

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This is the female variant of Eberhard.

3. Simeon

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Like Simon, but different. This name has its origins in the Bible.

4. Larkin

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A poetic name that conjures up ideas of romance, Larkin can work equally well for a boy or a girl.