12 of Your Favourite Female Film Characters Transformed by Digital Art

You will absolutely love these!

Digital artist Kristen Keller Reeves has used her skills to reimagine pop culture characters like Disney princesses and action movie heroines.

Her updates on the classic characters often make them into younger or older versions of themselves and use a range accents and pretty pastel colours, to infuse something completely different and attention-grabbing!

In some instances, Kristen has used her own life as inspiration, especially her experience as a new mom to her 18-month year old baby son.

Kristen has her own store on Etsy and this is where she sells her prints online.

Check out her work below and fall in love again with your favourite female cartoon and action movie characters!

1. Vanellope from Wreck-It Ralph

Kristen recreates Vanellope as a sassy teenager!

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

2. Joy from Inside Out

Joy really embodies her name and her personality in this bright portrait of the character

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

3. Cruella DeVille from 101 Dalmatians

Cruella sloughs off the years and becomes a young adult with a sense of style that’s absolutely wicked!

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

4. Maleficient from Sleeping Beauty

The eyes have it in this portrait that reimagines Maleficient!

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

As not only an artist, but also a devoted mom, Kristen used her experience of motherhood as inspiration for the following series.

5. Rapunzel from Tangled

Rapunzel and her baby have matching hair in this piece created when the artist was pregnant!

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

6. Ariel and Melody from The Little Mermaid

This sweet portrait would make a lovely addition to any The Little Mermaid 2 memorabilia collection!

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

7. Beauty, Beauty and the Beast

Beauty reimagined as an adoring mother.

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

8. Jasmine from Aladdin as a mom

Although Disney has updated some of its female princesses as moms, most of Kristen’s portraits come from her own imagination. Here is Jasmine from Aladdin as a mom!

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

Kristen intends to add more Disney princesses to the series over the coming year. In the meantime though, here is Kristen’s art of some famous movie heroines.

9. Rey from Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Star Wars’ newest heroine isn’t as fully established as the other characters but fans already love her and would appreciate this take on her.

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

10. Katniss from The Hunger Games

Transforming the fierce courage of Katniss into this cute younger character doesn’t make you lose the sense that she can still kick butt!

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

11. Emma Watson as Belle in Beauty and The Beast

Fans of both movies will adore this original piece!

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart

12. Princess Leia from Star Wars

Modernised hair buns give Princess Leia a 21st century makeover!

via Instagram / @kristenkreevesart