12 Ghost Stories Involving The Titanic That Will Give You Serious Chills

Prepare for some spooky nightmares tonight.

You think you know the story of the RMS Titanic which tragically sank on its maiden voyage in 1912? Think again!

With an estimated 2,222 people aboard, only 706 of those passengers made it back to shore. The majority of passengers suffered excruciating deaths, and left behind a myriad of stories.

Surprisingly, the RMS Titanic and all its magical contents sat untouched at the bottom of the Atlantic ocean for 80 years. Finally, underwater excavation projects began to unearth its treasures, and hints at some ghostly activity.

Over 300 pieces recovered from the ship are now apart of exhibitions around the world. Apparently, these exhibits are home to some serious paranormal activity.

Spooky stories from exhibit employees and visitors are becoming more and more common. Have a read of their creepy renditions.

1. This Ghost Removes Portraits From The Walls

Unknown Photographer/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

A painting of Bruce Ismay hangs proudly in The Luxor’s Titanic exhibition, and somebody doesn’t like it. Ismay helped build the ship, and survivors claim he fled the sinking ship and wouldn’t even look at it as it sank. Witnesses also say he was the one who suggested the ship go faster despite being warned about the ice.

One day, staff came into the exhibit to find the painting on the ground. Upon watching back the surveillance footage, the manager was blown away as he saw the picture star to shake and fall off the way, seemingly by itself.

Someone clearly wasn’t happy that his portrait was amongst them.

2. An Author Predicted The Tragedy 14 Years Prior

Oneindia News / YouTube

In 1898, 14 years before the Titanic sank, Morgan Robertson published a novel called The Wreck of the Titan. Despite Robertson’s objections, many people are convinced that the author had predicted the tragedy because of the many creepy coincidences.

Besides the similar ship names, the Titan was also supposed to be the largest of its kind and an “unsinkable” ship. Both ships lacked enough lifeboats to accommodate all passengers and both struck an iceberg because they were going too fast. If that isn’t creepy enough, they both sank in the exact same spot; off the coast of Newfoundland. Both tragedies took place in April with over 1,500 deaths. Woah.

3. Girl Predicts Sinking Ship On Her Deathbed

Stephan Rehorek/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

Legend has is that on the same night that the Titanic sank, a young Scottish girl named Jessie Sayre was close to death. In her delirious state, she supposedly mentioned a large sinking ship and a man named Wally playing a fiddle. There was no way Jessie could have known that the Titanic would sink that night, or that Wally Hartley would play his violin one last time as he went down with the ship.

4. Voice Captured On Tape By Ghost Hunters

Public Domain/via Wikimedia Commons

Another home to haunted Titanic treasures is the Georgia Aquarium. Employees there have reported hearing voices, seeing shadows, and even feeling like they’be been touched by a ghost. The spooky activity was so bad that Syfy Channel’s Ghost Hunters wanted to investigate.

The team captured a voice on tape saying “no, please wait”, several readings of anomalous cold spots and even caught sight of a dark silhouette moving around. They concluded that the museum exhibit is definitely haunted.

5. Teen Feels Mysterious Touch While Visiting The Exhibit

flickr.com/via Pinterest

A teenager had a brush with Titanic ghosts while visiting the exhibit in Missouri.  She posted her experience on with the Your Ghost Story website:

“We were walking through a hallway to get to the artifacts, and I was behind everyone. I suddenly felt a soft tug at the back of my t-shirt. I turned around to see who the culprit was, but the hallway was absolutely empty. I quickly faced forward to catch a potential trickster, but no one was sneaking away and everyone in front of me was far ahead.”

6. Spirits Seen Hovering Over The Titanic Wreckage

TIME/via Pinterest

People who’ve sailed past the wreckage have reported mysterious balls of light hovering over the site. These witnesses believe the light to be spirit orbs.

Even creepier, submarines in the area have noted unusual radio interference, even unusual SOS calls, on more than one occasion.

7. Museum Staffers Are Mysteriously Poked And Prodded

edwardianera.tumblr.com/via Pinterest

Another creepy situation occurred at the reportedly haunted exhibit at The Luxor museum. Artifacts expert Joe Zimmer claims that he has heard his name being called and had his hair and clothing pulled, with each weird occurrence being followed by the sounds of laughter. Late at night, Zimmer has reported hearing an orchestra play.

8. Lady In Black Haunts The Grand Staircase

Public Domain/via Wikimedia Commons

The exhibition at The Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is said to have a ghost who likes to wander down the Grand Staircase. Employees and guests have noted seeing a mysterious woman in black period clothing and hair pulled back in a bun.

A photographer prepping for the opening of the exhibition spotted the woman casually walking down the staircase. He was surprised because he hadn’t seen anyone enter and the staircase was roped off from the public. But, he assumed she must have been apart of the exhibit and asked if she’d like him to take her photo. She ignored him and then… vanished!

9. Man Gives Ship Tour To The Titanic’s Long-Dead Captain

The Sun/via Pinterest

In 1977, Second Officer Leonard Bishop of the SS Winterhaven gave a tour of the ship to a man he assumed to be a passenger. The British man was extremely, and unusually, interested in every detail of the vessel.

Years later Bishop saw a photo of Titanic Captain Edward John Smith. Bishop exclaimed to his friend, “I know him, I gave him a tour of my boat!” The friend merely laughed and told him that was impossible because he was long dead.

“That man was the captain of the Titanic,” his mate informed a shocked Bishop.

10. Titanic’s Lookout Still Watches The Promenade Deck

Photographer Harris & Ewing/Wikimedia Commons/Public Domain

British sailor Frederick Fleet was the RMS Titanic’s lookout and spotted the deadly iceberg approaching and warned the bridge. Unfortunately, his warning was too late and the ship sank. Fleet did survive the disaster, but could not overcome his own depression that followed.

It seems his guilt still haunts him in death, with witnesses claiming to see him keeping watch over the Promenade Deck in the Las Vegas exhibition.

11. Reassuring Titanic Spirit Haunts The Belfast Museum

corbisimages.com/via Pinterest

The Irish like to say that the Titanic was “built by the Irish, sunk by the English” and the Titanic Belfast Museum has also had its fair share of ghostly occurrences.

In 2013, a museum visitor was sure she heard the final distress call of the RMS Titanic. Upon hearing the call for help, she became overwhelmingly emotional with a pounding heart. She said she felt as anxious and heartbroken as the passengers would have been. Crying and shaking, she headed towards to exit for some fresh air when felt a hand on her shoulder. She claims a a male voice said softly, “It’s okay.”

She thought it was her friend but when she turned around, no one was there.

12. Captain Smith Still Haunts His English Home

Public Domain/via Wikimedia Commons

Louise and Neil Bonner now live in the former home of Titanic Captain Edward John Smith. They are both sure that the shipmaster still wanders around the house. For the past decade, tenants have reported feeling icy chills, hearing strange noises and say they have even seen the Captain in the flesh. The property also suffers from unusually cold gusts in the dining room.

“Some years ago we had a single chap living in there and he rang up one day convinced he had seen the ghost of the Captain… he was in bed when he saw him drift across the room,” recounted Neil Bonner.