12 Genius New Ways To Make Use Of Tension Rods

A simple item can have so many uses!

The season’s latest must-have items for DIY fanatics include the tension rod. Commonly referred to as shower rods, these things are way more useful than just holding up your shower curtain. Its size and versatility make it a handy tool for a myriad of applications, if you’re creative enough. As the name suggests, these rods can, in fact bear a significant amount of weight before giving in.

Costing around $8, tension rods are a very useful tool, and they don’t take up much space in storage. Here are 12 uses of these rods that go to show you just how nifty these contraptions really are.

1. Table Skirt

If you’d like to hide away some of your clutter, a table skirt is the way to go. Take a few fabric sheets and sew a loop into them. Once you’ve done that, install a tension rod into your table and hang the sheets off of it.

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2. Cleaner Hanger

Save a little space in your drawers and cabinets by installing a tension rod inside of them. You can hang your cleaners and products with the triggers on them. This can work in your bathrooms, kitchens and laundry rooms.

Martha Stewart

3. Kitchen Upgrade

You can also class up your kitchen with these gizmos. You can create a French café-type awning for your own kitchen. Take a drop cloth, sew a loop inside of it, and slide a tension rod inside. Attach this rod directly beneath your ceiling. Place the second rod underneath the first but a few inches away to create the slope of the awning you’re building and voila!

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4. More Bathroom Storage

Tension rods are notoriously helpful when it comes to adding layers of storage in households. All you need is small baskets to attach to a tension rod you’ve already set up in your bathroom. It’s affordable and easy.

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5. Cool Fort

You can also build a fort with a tension rod. Just put one in a corner and decorate it with fabric and/or tablecloth. Fill up the inside with the customary blanket and pillows and let your kids enjoy the fun.

Kim Rakes | Apartment Therapy

6. Plant Hanger

Put a tension rod across your window so that sunshine is plentiful. Now all you need are shower curtain rings. Once you apply those, you can add an assortment of potted flora into the rings and flood the air in your apartment with an herbal onslaught.


7. Paper Towel Roll Holder

A tension rod under your sink or in a cabinet makes for a great paper towel roll holder. It allows for easy access, and saves you the hassle of finding it when you need it.

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8. Closet Organizer

If you’re really into crafts but are always disorganized, a tension rod is a must have. Not only does it make it easy to find what you’re looking for, it makes for a great display of your work. You can also work on your organizing skills by arranging by size, color etc.

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9. Scarf Hanger

Organization benefits aside, a tension rod will allow you the convenience to showcase your scarf collection from almost anywhere.

Tara Bellucci | Apartment Therapy

10. Shoe Wall

A shoe wall can also be made with a few tension rods. This is better than an enclosed space to put your shoes as it saves time and helps you consider your alternatives more effectively. If your shoes don’t have heels, just install another rod below the original but a few inches away.

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11. Pet Gate

If you want to put your pet, or baby, in a time out, don’t spent $100 when you could use a few tension rods to do the trick.

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12. Pan Hanger

Hang your pots and pans in the kitchen to save yourself from the hassle of looking around every time you need to cook or boil something. Simply install a tension rod and organize your pots and pans. So the hard part is already over.

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