12 Foods That Are Destroying The Planet

Maybe we should all cut down on these foods

The world is hurting, and we all need to do what we can to save it. Did you know that some of the foods you eat are doing huge amounts of damage to the planet?

1. Almonds

Want to know a shocking statistic? To grow a single almond, we need to use 1.1 gallons of water. That’s not a very good ratio, but almond popularity is on the rise, with prices rising along with it. California is a big producer of almonds, but we should think about cutting down in order to save water and use it more efficiently.

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2. Palm Oil

Palm oil is a bit of a hot topic right now. Rainforests are being cut down every day to help make this oil, which is used in countless products. The situation is so bad that many manufacturers have stopped using palm oil altogether or make use of sustainable sources instead. Production of the oil isn’t slowing down though, so something needs to be done.

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3. Beef

Beef is one of the most popular meats in the world, but cows need way more looking after than most other animals. In fact, they need 11 times as much water as chickens or pigs, and 28 times more land. They’re also responsible for a huge percentage of greenhouse gas emissions, meaning they are making global warming even worse.