12 Creative Uses For Old Cereal Boxes

Great! I never have to spend on gift boxes again!

We all go through a whole lot of Cereal Boxes I’m sure. If you’re someone with kids I’m sure Cereals make for most of your breakfast meals. And even if you don’t have kids, Cereals in the morning just make sense. They’re easily prepared, they’re nutritious, and so very filling. A bowl in the morning and you’re all set for work! However, instead of throwing away all those Cereal Boxes, you can actually put them to some good use.

Have a look at this list of creative things you can do with old Cereal Boxes.

1. A nice Gift box.

Ideal for birthday gifts or as chocolate boxes.

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2. A Starburst Mirror made of Cereal Boxes.

Who knew?

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3. Geometric Vases for your indoor plants.

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4. Gift tags.

You can either cut it out and cover it with scrapbook paper, or you can draw over it!

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