12 Classic Phrases From The 90s That Make No Sense Nowadays

Let’s take a walk down memory lane, back to the time of VHS tapes and slow internet!

There was something special about the 90s. It was a strange time, with new technologies, trends and ideas arriving almost too quickly for us to handle. Looking back, many of the things we used to say or do in the 90s seem a little silly, but that decade will always have a special place in our hearts. Here are some phrases from that time that just wouldn’t make sense in 2017.

1. “Did you buy a TV guide? Let’s check what’s on tonight!”

via TV Guide Magazine

2. “Mom, stop using the phone, I want to talk to people on MSN!”

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3. “Huh, the game stopped working. Try blowing in the cartridge.”

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4. “Want to rent a movie this weekend?”

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5.  “Which one of these tapes can I use for my show?”

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6. “I ran out of minutes.”

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7.  “Remember to print out the directions.”


8. “Did you remember to rewind the tape?”

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9. “Sweet Discman, dude!”

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10. “Do you have some spare change? I need to make a call.”

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11. “Let’s get to the cinema before the movie sells out.”

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12. “How many disposable cameras should we take on vacation?”

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