12 Beauty Secrets From Ancient Times That Still Help Today

Tried and tested.

Since forever, people have strived for beauty. Here are some secrets that have proven themselves over time.

1. Basma and henna.

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Henna and basma have been used for ages by women in different ways for healthy growth of hair.

2. Textured fabric as a scrub.


A textured cloth is perfect for removing dead skin cells.

3. Olive oil.

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This product was called “golden” by ancient people. It is now used as a base for many shampoos, balms, hair and skin care creams.

4. Egg masks.

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Egg masks leave your hair healthy and shiny each time after use, no matter what the recipe is.

5. Sugaring.


The idea of using sugar as an epilator is brilliant and very effective too!

6. Baths.

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Women in ancient Rome loved spending times in baths, sharing gossip while changing between cool and hot water

7. Sour cream.


This must have been an accidental discovery after someone got some sour cream on their hands and only after washing them did they find their hands soft. Use some everyday if you can.

8. Rose and cream balm.


Roses add to the fragrance and the cream leaves the skin feeling soft. A very handy recipe.

9. Aromatherapy massage.


People have always loved massages, especially if they come with aroma oils and balms.

10. Lemon juice.


Lemon juice works as a natural way of lightening and brightening your hair.

11. Honey masks.


Honey has always been a favorite ingredient for beauty. Use it for an anti-cellulite massage; apply a little honey on the troubled region, put your palm against it and press it into the skin.

12. Clay.


Clay is available to everyone commonly. It’s great for boosting hair growth and cleansing the skin.

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