12 Astonishing Structures From All Across The Globe

These creations were made with mind blowing imagination!

Art can trigger unique emotions and reactions in the people who see it, and these structures are no different. 

1. ‘Cairn’ rock sculpture, Nevada.

This structure, created by craftsman Celeste Roberge, is in plain view at the Nevada Gallery of Workmanship.

Instagram | @streetartglobe

2. Thorncrown Chapel, Arkansas.

This delightful church, composed by designer Maurice Jennings, splendidly mixes into its woodland setting.

Reddit | escaladorevan

3. House on the Cliff, Spain.

Engineer Gil Bartolomé made this house, which resembles an anguished face from its exterior, and is truly magnificent within.

Reddit | Teillu

4. National Art Center, Japan.

This display by Emmanuel Lemoureaux is known as ‘Forest of Numbers’.

Emmanuel Lemoureaux

5. Polygone Riviera, France.

This foreboding building is on top of a shopping complex adjacent to the French Riviera.

Reddit | malgoya

6. Elevated bike path, Denmark.

They consider their biking important in Copenhagen, as this amazing bicycle lane portrays.

Reddit | misnamed

7. El Palau, Spain.

Spanish planner Lluís Domènech i Montaner made this mind-blowing glass structure that bends as it descends into the room beneath.

Reddit | [user]

8. The Interface, Singapore.

This seems like something from SimCity, however it is a genuine private complex in Singapore. It is comprised of 31 entwined buildings and eight vast patios.

Reddit | roninblade

9. Colorful house, India.

The designer’s inventiveness really shows here. Around evening time, this building turns into a vivid light show.

Reddit | malgoya

10. Fallingwater, Pennsylvania.

Here’s another artwork that doubles as a home! Simply beautiful.

Reddit | wookieforhire

11. OCAD University, Canada.

The Ontario School of Craftsmanship and Outline has a building to match its title. This structure, called the ‘Tabletop’, hangs over the roads of downtown Toronto.

Wikipedia | Raysonho

12. And here’s another stunning creation to finish up the list.

This one is by a 3D creator, Chad Knight, who clearly has the heart of an artist.

Instagram | @chadknight

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