11-Year-Old Boy Starts To Cry When He Receives His Adoption Papers

Family is the most important thing in life

This 11-year-old received a particularly special gift this Christmas: a new dad. 


It takes two people to make a child, but not all kids are born with both a mom and a dad. Single parents everywhere continue to inspire us by raising families all by themselves, and sometimes they meet someone special who wants to become a part of their family too.

That’s what happened to Janelle Rice. She was a single mom to her son Landon, but five months after he was born, she met and fell in love with Daniel.

Landon grew up with Daniel and built a special bond with his step-dad.

This Christmas, to make that bond even more special, Daniel decided to give Landon a special gift: he managed to obtain legal adoption papers, officializing his status as Landon’s adoptive father.

Daniel wrapped up the papers as a Christmas present and Janelle filmed Landon’s reaction when he opened them up.

The 11-year-old boy first starts to laugh and then quickly bursts into tears as he’s overwhelmed by the emotion of the occasion. It’s truly heartwarming to see how much this gift means to this young man, and it proves that family is absolutely the most important thing in our lives!

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