11 Shortcuts That Make Light Work Of Some Of Your Everyday Tasks

Life is short, why spend it unpacking your groceries?

There is no shame in finding the easy way out. Life is complex enough without having to do everything the hard way. Undoubtedly there are some things that you just can’t shortcut – like brushing your teeth or flossing. But it’s perfectly possible to save some seconds while preparing dinner or cleaning the house. Check out these 11 ways you can make your life easier, starting today!

1. Instead of peeling your mandarines and clementines, simply remove the ends and unroll them.

Mess be gone!


2. There are many hacks for peeling a hard-boiled egg. One of them is to press down lightly on the shell to crush it, and then opening it up.

The shell should come off easily with this tip!

YouTube | David J Alvarez

3. You don’t even have to peel your hard-boiled eggs if you don’t want to. You can cut them in half and dig them out with a spoon!

They’ll be just as delicious!


4. By scoring your potatoes around the middle, you’ll save yourself a lot of hassle in the long run.

Once they cool down, the skin should come off with just a pinch of your fingers.

YouTube | DaveHax
YouTube | DaveHax

5. Use a waffle iron for crispy hash browns!

Reddit | Dexx2

6. Stuck lug nut? Use a lighter and candle to get them loose.

You heat up the stuck lug nut with the lighter, then hold the candle over it so that the wax lubricates the threads of the nut.


7. Heat a bowl of water in your microwave before cleaning.

The steam loosens the stuck-on food so it comes off with a wipe!

Heroes Wikia

8. Try this wrapping method to stop earbuds from getting tangled.

Loop the cord of the earbuds around your fingers four times before pinching it in the middle and wrapping the remaining length of cord around the center. Finish off by putting the jack through the one open end.

YouTube | CuriousInventor
YouTube | CuriousInventor

9. You don’t have to put soda in your fridge can by can.

With a little push and a shove, you should be able to unload the whole case at once!

YouTube | d3deville
YouTube | d3deville

10. Your shower head doesn’t have to be a pain to clean!

Tie a bag of vinegar around it for an hour and simply wipe it clean with a cloth.

A Real-Life Housewife

11. Do your tie in seconds.

Hold your tie about a foot up the wider end, wrapping the thinner end around it twice. Use your free hand to pull the inner loop to the outside. Simultaneously, pull the next layer from inside the loop, gently pulling upward to create the perfect triangular knot!

YouTube | defragmenteur
YouTube | defragmenteur