11 Pictures You’ll Have To Stare At Forever To Understand

I need a nap!

Have you ever seen something out of the corner of your eye that seems like it shouldn’t be there? Have you then tried to look at it and still needed to stare at it for quite a while before understanding what is actually happening?

That’s the beauty of timing and placement in this world, and we have compiled 11 of these mind numbing pictures for you so that you’ll start your day off thinking weird thoughts.

1. Wait, what is that?

Reddit | OnlyChargers

2. The irony is evident, except from his point of view.

Reddit | ezzLol

3. Notice how much effort the artist puts into capturing the details of his face.

Reddit | lightry

4. Why would you..?

Reddit | AntePantePp

5. Anybody who purchased this mug out of anything but ironic appreciation is doing it wrong.

Reddit | TempestCrowTengu

6. When you want to stay true to the vintage sense of technology.

Reddit | sudden_potato

7. Unicycling can be hard, especially if you’re a toad.

Reddit | Bolognogn

8. Funerals are a celebration of life, aren’t they?

Reddit | CosmicKeys

9. What in the world?

Reddit | Decabus

10. This place is as inappropriate as it gets.

Reddit | flappytowel

11. These nails serve a very specific purpose. I don’t know what purpose, but it seems specific.

Reddit | mRNA28

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