10 Year Old Views Color For The First Time With Glasses

Technology has come far.

Taking things for granted is not uncommon. For instance, how can we not take seeing colors for granted? It’s how most of us have perceived the world for our entire lives.


From kindergarten to college, we have been easily able to distinguish between red markers and blue pens and everything in between. What we tend to forget is that many people don’t have the same experience as we do, like 10 year old Xavier McCoury. The following video shows Xavier being the recipient of an early birthday gift. What follows is priceless.

Filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina, the video shows Xavier sitting outside when his aunt hands him his gift, a pair of glasses by Enchroma. The jittery 10 year old makes haste in taking apart his new present and Facetimes his family while wearing the glasses.

As soon as he looks through the lenses, the emotions are too much for him. He starts weeping as his mother asks, ‘Can you see ‘em?’. Rendered speechless, the boy could do nothing but nod. His mother soon joined him and hugged him as tightly as any mom ever can.

What you might probably have inferred from context is that Xavier is color blind, but what you might not know is that this experience was his first time witnessing color. Check out the heartwarming video below.

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