10 Weird-But-True Facts About Pregnancy

These old myths are not as silly as they seem

All the moms out there will know that, when you’re pregnant, you hear a whole lot of stories. Everyone thinks they know best, especially moms and grandmas, and it can be a little frustrating to hear so many weird myths and pieces of advice. But here are 10 strange facts about pregnancy that you definitely don’t want to ignore.

1. Eating bananas makes you less likely to have a girl.

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Sounds crazy, right? Well, scientific studies have shown that there is some truth to this claim. The potassium in bananas has actually been linked to a higher chance of having a boy than a girl.

2. Gravity doesn’t help you get pregnant.

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Many women think that, by putting themselves in certain positions after intercourse, they’ll be more likely to get pregnant due to simple gravity. Scientifically though, this theory simply doesn’t stand up.

3. Hairy babies cause heartburn.

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Another fact in the “weird-but-true” category. The hormones that cause your baby to grow a lot of hair also work to make your stomach relax a little too much, causing acid to build up and give you heartburn.

4. Sticking to a schedule isn’t the only way to get pregnant.

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Many couples who want to have a baby try to be super scientific about it. They follow the cycle and believe that their best chance of trying for a baby is 14 days after the end of the period. There is definitely hard evidence to support this idea, but it’s important to remember that every woman is different and none of us are machines. You can get pregnant at almost any time of the month, so it’s better to go with the flow rather than trying to organize a military operation.

5. If your morning sickness is really bad, you’re probably having a girl.

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We don’t know why, but science has proven that girls cause the worst kinds of morning sickness.

6. Pregnant women shouldn’t go to funerals.

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It sounds silly, but there’s a lot of truth to this idea. When you’re pregnant, you’re already in a highly emotional state. Attending such a stressful or upsetting event could worsen your condition, so it’s smart to stay away.

7. Avoid hot baths.

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Pregnant women need to relax, but a dip in a hot bath might not be what the doctor ordered. The high temperatures can potentially harm the baby.

8. Labor is longer and harder with boys.

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Every case is different, but in general, giving birth to boys tends to be harder. This might simply be because boy babies are usually bigger than girls.

9. Eating fish is a good idea.

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Studies have shown that fish is a great food to eat while pregnant. It even helps to boost a child’s intelligence.

10. Stay indoors after having a baby.

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After giving birth, both you and your child are in a weak, vulnerable state. It’s a smart idea to stay indoors to reduce your risks of getting any infections or diseases.

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