10 Touching Ways To Honor Your Dog After They've Passed Away

Man’s best friend deserves a proper goodbye.

Pet’s become an integral part of every family, and so when they pass on, the grief can be just as significant. 

Saying goodbye to a furry favourite is often an inevitable part of being a pet owner, so it’s important to find ways of dealing with their passing and honor their memory.

Here are some thoughtful ways to say goodbye to man’s best friend.

1. Organise A Funeral

Flickr / Julian Lim

There is nothing wrong with wanting to say goodbye through ritual. A funeral is a nice opportunity for the family to share their favourite stories and mourn together.

2. Celebrate Them With Ink

Flickr / Ettore Bechis

It could be their name, or their sweet face, either way a tattoo tribute is a great way to keep them close.

3. A Memorial Site

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It doesn’t have to be as elaborate as the above, but a memorial site in their favourite part of the yard could be a nice way to pay tribute to your pal.

4. Donate To An Animal Shelter

Flickr / Henner Zeller

Donating to your local animal shelter in your pet’s name is a very special idea. It’s even more sentimental if you donate to the same shelter your pet was adopted from.

5. Add Their Tag To Your Key Chain

Flickr / Alan Levine

The tag on their dog collar can easily be carried over to your key chain so you can take their name and memory everywhere you go.

6. Spread The Love

Flickr / Maja Dumat

Go out and buy a whole heap of your dog’s favourite toy, whether it be a frisbee or a tennis ball, and share them around your local dog park or shelter. The dogs, and yours, will appreciate it.

7. Have A Portrait Commissioned

Instagram / consuelookdie

There are plenty of talented artists who specialize in commemorating pets who have passed away. It’s a great way to capture their unique personality in paint and keep them present in the home.

8. Write An Obituary

Flickr / Fredrik Rubensson

If your local paper also prints pet obituaries, its a great way to tell your pet’s story. Otherwise it may help to write out your memories just for yourself, or to put in a scrapbook alongside photographs.

9. Plant A Tree Along With Their Ashes

Wikimedia Commons / Alex Indigo

If your pup has been cremated, you might like to plant a tree or some flowers along with their ashes. This may you will remember your pal whenever you can look at the plant.

10. Turn Them Into A Diamond

Flickr / Jeffrey Beall

It may be the priciest option, but there are several businesses who can transform the ashes of pets into diamonds. They use a process that synthesizes carbon extracted from the remains. The price will be dependent on the amount of carats but your best buddy will be worth it.

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