10 Selfie Attempts That Went Seriously Wrong

People really need to check their surroundings before taking these shots

Selfies have become really popular over the last few years. In fact, you can barely go anywhere these days without seeing people holding their phones out in front of them or using ‘selfie sticks’ to capture some special moments. But not every selfie goes to plan. Here are some funny examples!

1. Wow. Be sure to close your computer down before taking a selfie like this!

via reddit / Doctor_StrangeLuv

2. What’s he looking at?

via reddit / Found_my_username

3. You wanted us to think your boyfriend took this picture, huh?

via reddit / Doctor_StrangeLuv

4. Check out the reflection. All is not what it seems.

via reddit / [deleted]

5. Not sure what is going on here.

via tumblr / thehardfloor

6. You look pretty good, but the cat drinking from the toilet sort of ruins the photo.

via reddit / colski08

7. Someone is having some problems in the background…

via reddit / Tyrell2k

8. Oh no, imaginary girlfriend, please stop taking photos of me!

via reddit / eglesworth

9. This is just creepy.

via reddit / Thesteelman86

10. What traffic?

via reddit / brownbear1992