10 Of The Weirdest Inventions The Internet Has To Offer

The word wacky really takes on a new meaning with these!

Our world is filled with effective, efficient, and clever inventions. Among this trove of amazing things, there are also really bizarre inventions. Here is a list of some of the weirdest inventions the internet has to offer.

1. A coffee mug that also works as an iron.

© demilked.com

This mug uses the heat from your coffee to clear out those creases on your shirt.

2. An umbrella cloak.

© Twitter.com/interiorsmagpie

This invention comes from Japan and helps keep all your body dry from the rain.

3. An ostrich pillow.

© getweirdgifts.com

This alien-like head gear will give you a soft place to rest your head on and will ensure nobody talks to you.

4. A noodle-splash shield.

© Pinterest.com

This handy device will keep every single hair of yours safe from that sticky broth.

5. Duck-billed muzzle.

© Themetapicture.com

This amazingly adorable alternative to a normal muzzle will make your dog look like a cutie around the park!

6. A butter grater.

© Pinterest.com

Grate your butter and spread it easily onto your toast with this ingenious invention!

7. A stroller you can ride as a scooter.

© Pinterest.com

While this may cause you some safety worries, there are special emergency brakes installed in case of immediate stops.

8. Grass layer flip-flops.

© Pinterest.com

Feel the park beneath your feet wherever you go!

9. A romper that is also a mop.

© betterthanpants.com

Have your baby make up for the trouble they put you through with this nifty invention.

10. A portable toilet-paper dispenser to wear on your head.

© hubpages.com

Ever had a sneezing fit that causes a mountain of snot to spurt right out? Don’t you wish you had a mop of tissues at your beck and call? Well, here’s the stylish solution!

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