10 Mental Tricks To Lead A Happier Life

Start using these techniques to make your days easier

The way we socialize and communicate can have a huge impact on our lives. These tips and tricks will help you improve your communication skills and build stronger relationships.


1. Keep eye contact at difficult moments.

If you’re talking to someone and they say something you didn’t want to hear or didn’t understand, look into their eyes. You don’t need to say anything, your gaze will do the job for you. The person will feel pressured into expanding their idea.

2. Keep calm during arguments.

It can be easy to lose your temper, especially when the person you’re talking to has lost theirs. However, remaining calm is often the best solution. Your calmness will help to defuse the situation, as well as making the other person feel guilty.

3. Remain physically close to aggressive people.

This might seem like a crazy idea, but it’s actually a good idea to stay in close physical proximity to angry or aggressive people. Close contact can make people feel uneasy and less confident, meaning they’re less likely to direct their aggression towards you.

4. Do your best to remember everyone’s name.

There’s nothing worse than meeting an acquaintance or colleague and realizing that they’ve forgotten your name. On the other hand, if someone does remember your name, you instantly feel closer to them. Do everything you can to remember the names of people you meet.

5. Write things down in times of stress.

Diaries and journals are great stress-relievers. Writing things down helps us to evacuate negative thoughts and feelings. It’s almost like, by writing the words on the page, you’re sharing your emotions with someone else.

6. Narrow down your options.

Being indecisive can be a real burden. When faced with multiple options, it can be very difficult to choose the right one. In these situations, try to narrow down those options and make the decision more manageable. Studies show that our brains can only really process 3 or 4 possible options at a time, so limit yourself to that.

7. Get a good posture and feel better about yourself.

We all want to be more confident. Confidence is what helps people become successful. Well, you can give yourself a confidence boost right now by improving your posture. Straighten your back, put your head up high, and start looking more like someone who is in control of his or her life.

8. How to win “Rock, Paper, Scissors”.

This funny trick can help you win the famous game. Right before you’re about to play, ask your opponent a question. It can be anything you think of. Their mind will become focused on answering the question and then, when it’s time to play, they’ll often choose “scissors”.

9. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

People do want to help you. It’s nice to feel wanted and needed. Don’t shy away from asking from help. Instead, be direct about it and you’ll have a much better chance of getting the help you need.

10. Have warm hands ready for handshakes.

If you know you’ll be shaking someone’s hand soon, try to warm your hands up a little. A cold handshake can give off a bad impression and subconsciously make people trust you less.